My earliest memory of my favourite colour  was when I was about 5. My beautiful mother asking be what colour  iceblock I wanted as a treat it always had to be the same colour. On the very rare occasion of been offered a fizzy drink it was also this colour. If I was offered jelly beans I would only pick out this one colour  and If you asked any one of my children or my husband what my favourite colour is they would immediately be able to tell what it is. My eyes are this colour my skin tones look best dressed in this colour, our very first house under my insistence was painted this colour and  the interior trims were also this colour  This, oh, so  mysterious colour  is green green and more green and so began my love of green.


To me green represents a freshness, a cooling effect, new life and a sense of calm


The meaning of  Green  ,is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. 


I am sure that this colour has shaped my life to a degree although at times absentmindedly.


So began my journey.


If I was to be  truthful I would say  that I am not green fingered but my love for plants is in the harmony and freshness the way flow together. The different textures and the different tones. The rich tapestry that they can create and the way they can add an instant feeling of calm and softness.


I began this journey at Landscapes for Lifestyle. Firstly as a change of vocation and a change of scenery and this is really where I found  my true  love for  plants and beautiful things.

From here I decided to learn more about Landscape Design and studied this extra murally through Massey.  I then changed the name of this business to The Good Garden Company


The opportunity arose for me then to purchase Whakatane Garden Supplies. After a few months of yes, no, toing and froing it was a done deal and here I am, surrounded in my favourite colour and doing what I love the most working with plants